about the artist

Dennis Linsi

Born Dennis Linsi in 1995, had always admired DJs and, starting out with a desk, took on some DJing of his own. Over the course of time he realised that he needed to create something himself. With no prior training or musicianship he set about teaching himself through online tutorials and any information he could find. Through hard work and dedication, remixes, tests and trials, Dennis emerged on the other side ready to produce his debut single. The Coronavirus crisis and enforced lockdown provided an opportunity to explore these ideas and fulfill his wish. Now working as DENCADE, this young producer has a perfect slice of contemporary pop to share with the world. Crafting his performance name from the word ‘decade’, it’s not just Dennis who can sense that this might be a big ten years for him.

DOB: 13/07/1995

Based in: Zurich, Switzerland